Welcome Baby E
{newborn session, Enumclaw Photographer}

Last week I got to photograph my last newborn of the year. Looking back I got to welcome lots of new little clients this year. It didn’t seem like that many, but after looked back at the blog I counted 6 bouncing baby newborns. I’m always so honored when I’m selected to photograph someone new baby. It’s such a special moment for mom and dad and it takes a lot of trust for them to hand their 5 day old child over to me for a good 3 hours, a relative stranger whom they met via the internet. The great thing about newborn photography is that they are often new clients. Some of my greatest friends started out as client strangers. And as my business enters its 3rd year, those newborns I get to watch grow. Perhaps some day those same babies will come back for their senior portraits, or maybe even wedding portraits? Who knows what the future brings for Angie Cox Photography? But I’m so glad you are all willing to come along for the ride with me.

Below are some of my favorites from sweet little Baby E’s session. Welcome to the world little girl. Can’t wait to see you grow as well.


Fall Family Sessions in full swing
{Enumclaw photographer}

Fall is here and some say this season is to photographers as April is to accountants. Very busy as everyone is rushing to get their family photos done in time to create holiday cards and gifts. I personally love shooting this time of year because of the ever-changing leave colors. It’s at times a  little tricky to work around the rain though, but I’ve been lucky so far (knock on wood), as was this session of the G family. It rained not long after I returned home. Always feels awesome when it’s clear up to the point that we end the session. I seriously don’t know now I get lucky like that. (double knock on wood). Here are a few of my favorites from the session.


Don’t put it off another year

It’s that time again. Before you know it BAM it will be the holiday’s. You’ll be rushing through your local department store on Black Friday to get the last of hot pink Furby doll or Kindle Fire that’s on the shelf all in hopes that you got the “perfect” gift for your special loved one. But like most toys and electronics, the newness or cool factor will fade. The excitement and joy of it will be gone.

I recently lost two friends this year. I attended two funerals and saw two amazing people get taken from us far too soon.  I have also dealt with my own health issues this past year as well. In reflection to my crazy 2012, this work-aholic mom has come to realize that we don’t know how much time we have on this planet. We should make the most of every second and preserve each moment that we can.

We have days in my household where my kids and husband have grown to hate my photography passion. But I always tell my husband – you will be so happy that we have these images years down the road. He grunts, then smiles, deep down he knows I’m right. Deep down he know some day all we are left with is photos and memories. :)

Years pass so fast and so often I hear families say “we’ll wait till next year to get that family photo”,  “I want to lose a few pounds before I get my picture taken” or “we just don’t have the funds right now.”

Honestly, I’m not saying this as someone just looking to make a sale, but as some one who values preserving memories for families.  Don’t wait.  Even if you can’t afford to hire a photographer  – get out your camera phone or point and shoot. Don’t make excuses to not be in the photo.

For those of you that looking for a custom photography experience but may not have been able to afford it, once a year I offer an affordable option to my services because I think every one deserves a great family photo. Every mom deserves a photo of her and her child. Every dad deserves an image of the most important people in his life. Doing a handful of mini sessions on one day gives me that ability to offer that to you.

Don’t put it off another year.


The M Family
{Family Session, Bonney Lake Photographer}

You might recognize the little boy in this family session. He was the cover kid for the Pierce County HomeTown Values Coupon catalog pushed earlier this year.  This time around we shot the whole family in a new location that I have been wanting to try out. Our weekend was spent staring out the window waiting for a break in the rain and man o man did we get lucky cause we got a good few hours of clear sky before they opened back up again. There was an article published in The Huffington Post titled  “The mom stay’s in the picture.”  This article really touched me as a photographer and as a mom. I love to make sure that in each photo session I get a GREAT photo of mom with her kids because so often its mom BEHIND the camera. I think we achieved it in this session. Check out how her two boys hugged onto her so tight. Certainly it can be said that they will never forget who was the first woman who stole their heart.

Baby Boomer Turns 9 months
{Toddler session, Enumclaw Photographer}

Here she is again – little Baby Boomer at 9 months. I have been photographing this little bean since she was in her mama’s tummy. I love catching up with the family every few months and seeing how much she has grown. This time around we shot in Oct and the weather was AWESOME. It was so hot out I said lets shoot her just in bloomers and boots. Check out the little baby rolls squeezed in those red cow-girl boots. Too much cuteness huh? Our next meet up will be her 1st birthday. I told her when I left that we had a cake date next. Can’t wait to share a piece with you in a few months sweetie.

F a c e b o o k
C o n t a c t   I n f o