May the force be with you Baby “M” {newborn session; Bonney Lake Photographer}

Babies, Babies, Babies. Feels like I have done a lot of little ones so far this year. My latest session was my youngest of 2012 thus far. Sweet 4 days new – Mr. “M” was as perfect as they come. Gosh he made me laugh how he so politely fought me  to fall asleep. Our first 25 minutes he just laid on my bean bag with pure exhaust in his eyes. No tears, No crying – just a silent barely peak of his eyes. Down then up, down then up. I whisper softly to him – “I’m going to win.” As I do with all my little newbies.:)I imagine he was saying, “lady who the heck are you and why are you throwing these hats on my head.”  Then finally success – he was out. Dad being a Star Wars fan brought a few items from home to add some personalization to the shoot, which I love.  Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.

Congrats to the family!

Mr. Baby G {newborn session, Enumclaw Photographer}

Been a while since I have blogged, but even longer since I got to work with a newborn. Sweet Mr. G arrived to the world just 10 days prior to these photographs. I’ve been able to work with this great family a few times now, first meeting to do photos of their toddler son over a year ago, then for their amazing maternity shoot,  to today’s newborn session. I warms my heart when people and clients  say to me, “Angie you’re amazing.” But honestly what is amazing is when people welcome me into their homes, lives, and most intimate moments. To be able to capture special once in a lifetime moments for them to hold onto always. You will never get the moment when you bring home new baby back, when they graduate school, or when you give them away on their wedding day. But you will always have that photo. Many congrats to the growing family. Thank you for letting me capture the growth of your family for you.



In honor of my Senior clients – your photographer as a Senior

Well its about that time that the 2012 seniors will be graduating and I’ll be welcoming a group of Class of 2013 clients. In honor of my past and present clients I wanted to share with you my moments as a senior from a billion years ago. LOL

The year was 1996 when I graduated from Kentwood High School. I would have described myself as an artsy shy girl who loved things from the 1970′s,  photography (duh), alternative music, snowboarding and was often love crazy over guys who skateboarded or played guitar.:)  I got pretty got good grades, but would often still be bad and skip class to take the bus up to Seattle for some shopping or hanging out.

I had my senior portraits done by Hudson’s - who was THEE senior photographer of the time. I loved my shoot with Bruce, he was so kind and really made me feel like a super model for the day. A hobbyist photographer myself at the time, I swooned over his studio space and imagined how awesome it would be to have a business like him someday. Well many many years later I’m getting closer to that dream. Today, I get to work with young adults and give them that same great confident feeling that Bruce gave me.

This walk down memory lane wouldn’t be complete  without sharing a few of my senior portraits. Get ready for a laugh, here is your photographer at 17……..

Angie  - 1996 (words taken from my senior journal)

My favorite bands: Hole, Beastie Boys, Bush, Babes in Toyland, No Doubt, Rage against the Machine, & Pearl Jam

Favorite class: Photography with Mr Wall (duh)

Hang out: Sharies (auh cheese sticks at midnight)

Clothes: Baby doll dresses, platform shoes and anything 70′s

TV show: Beverly Hills 90210

Movie: Dazed and Confused & Clueless

Fave actor and actress: Drew Barrymore, Brad Pitt

Magazine: Rolling Stone & Spin

Favorite places to shop: Hot Topic, Retro Viva (Seattle), Wet Seal

1st Job: 1993-1996 Domino’s Pizza I made $5.80 an hour (Not much less than min wage today – wow that’s sad) After graduation started working at Qualex film company (my first “photography” job)

1st concert: 1996 No Doubt at the Gorge (loved Gwen)

Prom Theme: A night to Remember, Song; “Because you Loved me” GAG!

Price of life: Movie $6.25, Gas $1.40, concert ticket $30.00, pizza $15.00 (free for me cause I worked at the place)

Someday my Prince will come {child session, Bonney Lake Photographer}

I was so happy to have a clear NW day last weekend because I was over the moon excited to do this photo shoot. This was my 4th session with Miss “C” and I always LOVE working with her. The child has the bluest of blue eyes, dark curly hair, and pink lips. She looks like a living princess doll, so naturally I wanted a theme that would really play up those features! I used the popular children’s novel, “The Princess and the Pea,” as my inspiration for our shoot. Set in the “enchanted forest,” aka woods by my house, it turned out just perfect. I loved that we were able to capture the sweet innocence in this little beauties eyes. I have so many favorites to this shoot.

Mom & Me mini session event {now booking}

If you were to ask me to show you the photos of my family, I could guarantee this is what you would see. Endless photos of my two kids; laughing and playing in natural situations or one of my own styled photo shoots in a field of flowers. In the mix would be shots of them and their father – hugging, loving and playing just the THREE of them. But where am I?
I’m the one behind the camera, making sure every memory or their body and face is frozen in time within a single image so that some day when they grow old and leave the nest I will have something to filter through on a sleepless night with a glass of wine in one hand and box of tissues in the other. Life is too short and kids grow FAST. Last year I realized I needed to be in those photos. Not for myself, but for them. Because those kids of mine deserve to be able to look back on something too when they get older. I would love to see them in their 30′s sitting over coffee looking over photo albums laughing and crying tears of joy. That’s right albums – I still print and make them. My images are not just on CDs filed away.
So my mission as a photographer is to get mom in the photos. I know you all are like me – the one behind the camera. I did it last year when I hired a photographer friend and everyone else should too. I don’t want to hear I’m too fat or to old. I call BS on that one. You are you and that is who your babies LOVE.
So this April in honor of Mothers Day and all the moms out there I’m doing Mom and Me mini sessions. The location will either be in a field or somewhere with flowers. I have to wait for stuff to grow more to nail it down. But it will be fabulous. This event is for ALL moms – so bring Grandma too. Generations would be wonderful. There is no greater bound then that of mom and child. I love these kind of photos.

Message me at to reserve your place.

I know I will not be here forever – but I know this photo of me and my girls will. (image by Lisa Lovely of L Lovely Photography)

F a c e b o o k
C o n t a c t   I n f o