Tea Time at sunset {children session}

Well the weather is cruddy now, but it sure wasnt for this shoot. I love shooting on sunny nights during what us photogs call “golden hour”, just when the sun is lowering down it sets the most lovely haze and flare on my subjects.

This was my second shoot with these sisters, so I thought what better theme than a girly sister tea party in a field.  I just loved how these turned out and have to admit I’m a little jealous I don’t have similar shots of my own girls. So let this be my mom mission statement that before the summer is over (IF it ever begins) I will do a shoot similar to this one of my girls, but for now enjoy these sweeties.


Hometown Values and Advocare {Bonney Lake; commercial photographer}

There is something to be said about being in the right place at the right time. For those who know me, you know my Hubs runs his own general contracting business and me, well I’m the brains behind all his marketing, book-keeping, and organization. I’m always looking for ways to “pimp” him out. Gotta bring home the money. LOL  Well long story short, I called a local coupon magazine, Hometown Values, and started the ball rolling on getting a print ad made for TLC Handy Solutions. At that time, I had no intentions of running an ad for my business, however much to my surprise the publisher stumbled upon the link to my site. He liked what he saw and asked if I would be interested in shooting the cover of his next issue. AAH – YA! Of course!!!  Our shoot was for local family, personal trainers, firefighters and Advocare reps, The Schneider’s. A family after my own heart – multi-tasker’s to the extreme. Much like me and my guy.

So I guess you could say that I’m an official published photographer. WoW – that still doesn’t sound real to me. Sure it’s not the cover of The Rolling Stone or Vogue (which I dreamed being on as a child) but it means something to me. It’s a local magazine for the town I live in. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I’m excited to find out.


Mothers and Daughters {generations family session, Auburn Photographer}

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting this sweet little girl for a couple of years now so it was super fun to be able to shoot not only her mom, but her Auntie and Grandma too for a generations of woman shoot. I think these are the most special kinds of shoots because I believe there is no greater bond then that of mother and child. The “M” family were such troopers for our shoot. I woke in the morning to clear skies but when it came time to shoot it was sprinkling. I thought for sure it would clear, as it often does around here. But sadly it never did. Luckily we had a location that kept us dry with ample coverings.  Hey when you live in Washington some times you gotta shoot in the crummy weather. Im sure wishing for some sunshine soon.


Growing like weeds {Children session, Auburn Photographer}

When I first photographed the “B” family’s second child she was just around 16 weeks old. I feel like I have been there for each moment of her growth; 9 month, one year, and now today almost 2 years old. When Little Miss “A” exited the car I was so delighted to see her now walking and have a full head of long blonde hair. There was a moment during our shoot when I was posing her with her brother, now a handsome young man about to enter the first grade in the fall, where I thought WOW this is the little boy who not that long ago I had hold a small little baby. It literally felt like yesterday. But we all know it’s not – kids grow so fast and I love being able to capture these milestones and growth for families. Here are a few of my favorite little kids – growing like weeds.:)

Leaving on a jet plane {family session, Auburn Photographer}

When the “H” family contacted me for a session a few weeks back I was booked SOLID. With back to back clients, my daughter’s birthday, and mother’s day on my calendar, I honestly didn’t have a moment to breathe little lone take on one more session. However, the story warmed my heart and I had to at least try to find time for this Mom. Dad would be deploying soon overseas and not to return for almost a year. How could I say no to this Air Force Father of 3 and his beautiful wife? Not possible. My goal was to create photos in honor of Dad and the pride his children have for him and his career. Our fathers are often our personal heroes, but our military vets are our country heroes. Good luck Dad – may you stay safe and return home soon.


F a c e b o o k
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