Retro Country Wedding

I have to admit first off I was not the photographer for this event. I was merely just a guest at my husbands cousins wedding with a camera in tow. Much like most times in my life, I lug my beast of a camera with me snug in my diaper bag ready to shoot at any given moment.  This time I snapped a few of the event, and family at this super cute rustic farm-house and barn  called Wine and Roses County Estate in Auburn.

Not quiet ready to take on a wedding on my own as the main shooter, I do often second shoot for other photographers from time to time. Perhaps in 2013 I will have the confidence to take on an event as large as a wedding. But for now I’m content in just being a fly on the wall.




Baby “Boomer” turns 6 months
{baby’s 1st year session’s, Auburn Photographer}

Time goes so fast. Seems like just yesterday I was holding this little meatball in my arms at her newborn session. This time around we included the whole family for a beautiful summer field shoot to celebrate Baby K’s 6 month milestone. Dressed as a strawberry and kissed by the sunshine, Baby Boomer (which is her mama’s nik-name)  was “berry” sweet as she got her first taste of the fruits of summer.

All the Pretty Horses
{Equine Photography, Enumclaw Photographer}

What do you get a Mom who has everything on Mother’s Day? Well when you’re a photographer that is a pretty easy question to answer. For my mom (who is also the grandmother to my kids) its easy. I either can give her photos of her grandkids, or photos of her “kids” – aka her horses.  My family owns and operates Rainier Friesians Farm nested in a small valley in Enumclaw, Washington surrounded by the Foothills and Mt. Rainer. They breed, sell and show these majestic animals. This spring they welcomes three new babies. So naturally when it came time for me to get my mom a mother’s day gift – I just went over with my camera and did some shooting. This was my second time ever filming horses. I gained a little more confidence this time and spent most of the time shooting on my stomach  as the horse ran towards me. It was certainly heart raising to see 6 animals race and pounce towards me – then around me, as I clicked my camera. Here are a few of my favorite from the session.


& then there were 3
{Maternity Session; Auburn Photographer}

I’ve known Randy and Steffen for around 10 years and my husband has known Randy since they were trouble making kids, so when they announced that they were having a baby we were both over the moon excited for them. This couple has always been over the top fun and soulfuly made for each other. They have the funnest and goofiest personalities – so naturally I knew they were going to be fun and easy to photograph. Steffen expressed that she wanted Randy to be a big part of the photos since they didn’t have many of him and the “bump” together. Naturally so since this couple spends a good time apart because of their careers. So for their session my goal was to created something enchanting and magical that really brought them together as a newly formed threesome. Congrats guys – I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

Old City Streets <3 {children session; Buckley Photographer}

This session was done in a tiny country town that my husband and I had our 1st home in. The town of Buckley is a little logger city that boost some of the coolest old streets, antiques stores, and ally-ways. I hadn’t done a session in the streets in a while so this was a fun one to explore. Basically we just walked down the street and what ever corner spoke to me with inspiration, we shot in. Done just in between moments of rain and clear sky, we took the elements of the kids hobbies (dance, music, and sports) and tied them into the towns rustic old charm. Just as we were finishing up the sky opened up and poured. We really lucked out but got it done.

F a c e b o o k
C o n t a c t   I n f o