Baby Boomer Turns 9 months
{Toddler session, Enumclaw Photographer}

Here she is again – little Baby Boomer at 9 months. I have been photographing this little bean since she was in her mama’s tummy. I love catching up with the family every few months and seeing how much she has grown. This time around we shot in Oct and the weather was AWESOME. It was so hot out I said lets shoot her just in bloomers and boots. Check out the little baby rolls squeezed in those red cow-girl boots. Too much cuteness huh? Our next meet up will be her 1st birthday. I told her when I left that we had a cake date next. Can’t wait to share a piece with you in a few months sweetie.

Baby “L”
{newborn session, Enumclaw photographer}

First off I have to say I feel terrible. Here I thought my blog was up to date with all my post sessions and come to find out I forgot to post little baby “L”‘s ten minutes of internet BLOG fame. I was taking a small break from a very busy summer and enjoying the some time with my family prior to fall madness starting up.  You may recall baby “L” parents maternity session. Seriously one of my favorites I have done. There were to many images to nail down a favorite from it.  So after you check out his photos be sure to check out mom and dads from the summer.  Welcome to the world little man.

{children session, Enumclaw photographer}

I was so blessed to have such a fruitful busy summer – full of client sessions one right after another. However, the downfall of my blessings in shooting others families was I spent the summer missing my own. So I wanted to make sure I got the last long grass sunny field I could find before the backdrop changed to orange and red leaves. Luckily I found a field and the sun held out for me and I got the session I wanted to do all summer. I’m a bit biased however I did love how the images turned out. My own kids are probably the hardest I have to shoot. They don’t listen and all they want to do is run. But in 30 minutes I shot 500 images and got 15 I was happy with.:)yeah 15 – told you they don’t listen. Here are mine…..

Sweet little Baby “J”
{newborn session, Enumclaw photographer}

Total sweetness. Little baby “J” was a photogs dream. She arrived to my new home studio space (still a work in progress but getting put together as fast as I can) still sleepy. She proceeds to snooze for most all the session, only breaking a few times. Such a perfectly beautiful little girl – I think you will agree.:)these are a few of my faves from the day.


HOT summer nights {family session, Auburn photographer}

Catching up again on my blog for the night. I just love this family. Honestly cant ask for more stunning girls and cute boys to work with. These are the kinds of sessions that if I could – I could shoot all night. But – I have to send them home at some point.

It was a hot August night. The temperature gauge on my car was reading in the high 90′s in this bright sunny field. We didn’t melt and got some great photos.

F a c e b o o k
C o n t a c t   I n f o