Miss M Class of 2017 {Maple Valley Senior Photographer}

You want to know something funny? I have been taking this lovely girls photos since she was just 11 years old and over the summer I shot her High School Senior photos. Wow, but let me tell ya what makes this feel funny to me. You see I have a daughter who this year turns 11. Now I can tell you the time that I started shooting Miss M has flown by sooooo fast. Crazy fast. 6 years and blink – this once kid-o is now a beautiful young woman. I can close my eyes and remember frame for frame our first photo shoot. Here is what makes me sad. I know in my heart my daughter is going to grow just as fast. I’m going to wake up one day and be taking her senior photos. From shopping for the best diaper, to shopping for the best college. Life is so short and so precious. Our children remind us daily of this gift. I can tell you one thing though, its been amazing to be able to capture this journey for my girlfriend of her beautiful daughter. Sweet and smart as she is pretty – she will move mountains.

Miss J Class of 2017 {Sumner Puyallup Senior Photographer}

This was such a fun fall shoot. I love the kids that come in shy to a shoot, and break from their shell. Miss J was so that. When we got her in that black dress with the sun flaring behind her – bang a young super model was born. I had so much fun laughing the day away with her. So many faves to share.

Boy or Girl ??? What will you be????

I love this lady and this little fam so much. I met them a few years back when they needed maternity and newborn photos, and they are to date some of my faves. In 2016 this mama was also my handy second shooter for a couple of weddings. She is as talented as she is pretty. Surely when she asked me to shoot her gender revel I was sooooo excited. Even mom and dad didnt know. I got the text the morning of from a family friend and held the smoke bomb colors of pink and blue. I had mom and dad close their eyes, then lit off one of the bombs. They opened….. and what I caught was happy, magical and so delightful. Congrats! This is why I love shooting families.

F a c e b o o k
C o n t a c t   I n f o