Grit, Passion, Love, Community – The Crossfit Games Open at Doxsa Crossfit

For 5 short weeks crossfit gyms around the world complete in what is called the Crossfit Open. The Open is the prequel to Regionals and then the later Reebok Crossfit Games. These are the same WOD’s (work out of the day) that are given to some of the top Athletes in the world and for 5 weeks Average Joes and Multi-Tasking Moms join together to push themselves with their gym community in a way that is both challenging and self reflective. This was my first Open and not only did I participate, I also shot some amazing moments of grit, passions and comradery at my box Doxsa Crossfit. You see people LOVE to make fun of crossfiters, I have heard the jokes. But honestly this isn’t like a “normal” gym, everyone here enters and leaves with the same goal: to try something outside their comfort zone and become a better-fitter YOU.
The only person you have to compete with, is YOURself. It’s the most intense work out on your body — but also your mind.
What I wanted so much to show in my images of my experience is the HEART of what crossfit is all about. It’s not about how much weight you can squat or how fast you can run, it’s about the people and the goals that bounds us as second families. Real, average, every day people; big small young and old. These are your neighbors, coworkers, PTA moms, and silly dads. And each day we join together to push each other a little harder than the last while our kids collectively surf their tablets while watching mom and dad invest time in their health and well being, setting the example for the next generation of little “athletes”.
You find you get SUPER excited for the person next to you when they nail their first ever muscle up, even though you haven’t come close to hitting yours. We celebrate each other’s victories. And when it’s all over we lie on the floor gasping for breath with a smile and high-five our judge that we finished without dying. That is what the OPEN is all about.

F a c e b o o k
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